The Urban Garden

My name is Karla Black, and I am an Urban Gardener. My background is nearly 30 years in graphics and communications for a local government. I lived in the city of Atlanta with my husband and son in a small neighborhood on a quarter acre lot where I had some success not killing two damask rose bushes. One year I tried growing tomatoes in my front yard as that was the only place that got any sun, but I was roundly shunned by the neighbors because of the visual blight I created, and the tomatoes weren’t that good anyway.

Four years ago my husband and I moved to Maryland and bought an old farmhouse not too far from Bethesda, on the verge of rural north west Maryland. We live on almost 3 acres of land that is mostly fields, with good soil and lots of sun. Bands of deer cross the back field, young bucks with small velvet antlers in groups of 8 or more, kicking up their heels and shedding ticks.


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